One Year After (Not Quite) Leaving Academia

This will be a short update. It’s been a year since I accepted a full-time position as a Data Analyst for an educational software company and it’s been going great. This is why I’ve been slow to update this space for the last year. I’m not entirely done with being a biologist either. At the start of 2015, as I reflect on a year spent wrapping up my dissertation work and transitioning into a new role as a technical member of a software company, I still have a lot going on in both worlds. Just to set the stage for some future updates (I have a long one in the works about how and why I stopped seeking out a post-doc position and accepted a position as a data scientist), here are some of the things I’m currently working on:

  1. Paper Submissions to PeerJ: I’ve got two manuscripts about to be submitted to the open-access journal PeerJ. I’ll update here when those (finally) come out. 
  2. Diagnostic Protocol for the Plum Curculio: I’ve begun drafting a new diagnostic protocol for identification of Conotrachelus nenuphar (and it’s two haplogroups) for the International Plant Protection Convention. This is a super exciting opportunity but the work has been very slow because of trouble finding people to work on this project. Still, we think 2015 will finally be the year. 
  3. Teaching Biology Education at Hunter College: Once again I am teaching the Pedagogical Content Knowledge course at Hunter College as an Adjunct Assistant Professor. More on this class in  a previous post below. This will be version 2.0, so I hope my revisions of the course improve the class from last year. 
  4. Working as Data Analyst and a Project Principle on a ground-breaking K-8 digital science curriculum. I’m working on a large post about this, so more to come! 

That’s all for now. With all these changes afoot, I’ll be tweaking this website a bit. I feel like it needs an update to reflect my current work better.