Evolution of Insect Pests Symposium Speakers

As I mentioned earlier, I'll be co-hosting a symposium at the 2013 annual meeting of the Entomological Society of America. The topic of the symposium is the evolution of insect pests in reponse to human-induced changes to the environment. This symposium will address theoretical and empirical developments in our understanding of the genetic basis of evolution in insect pests. This is a pressing topic because the species we care the most about are often pest species. Understanding the ways in which our actions drive their evolution is paramount. With new molecular technologies we have greater leverage than ever to study how insects respond rapidly to changing conditions, and we hope that this symposium will highlight novel approaches and insights into these processes.

We have the final speaker list and I'm thrilled to announce the lineup of talks. Here's the order, speakers, and talk titles. We don't have an exact day or time yet so I'll update with that information once the ESA program is announced. But if you're into insects, pests, and evolution, please consider attending the symposium. 

Evolution of Insect Pests in a Connected World:
ESA Member Symposium, November 10-13, 2013
Austin, Texas
Hosts: Samuel Crane, AMNH & Gabriel Zilnik, NCSU

Ke Chung Kim
"Insect Pests and Biodiversity"

Alison A. Bockoven
“Expression of the red imported fire ant foraging gene and colony-level variation in behavior”
Blog: 6Legs2Many

Monica Poelchau
“The molecular physiology of an evolving adaptation - insights from the diapause response of Aedes albopictus

Martin M. Turcotte
“Experimental tests of rapid evolution driving pest population dynamics.”

Megan L. Fritz
“A next-generation sequencing approach to examining the evolution of Bt resistance”

Andrew Michel
“Population genomics perspective on insect biotypes related to host-plant resistance”

Jeff Fabrick
“Genetic and physiological adaptation of insect pests to insecticides”

Yves Carriére
“Landscape-based approach for sustaining efficacy of Bt crops.”

Check back here for more information as the date approaches, or follow me and Gabe on Twitter.